Facebook Invented By The CIA, Says The Onion.


The Onion’s latest “report” on Facebook – it’s a massive online surveillance initiative run by the CIA with Mark Zuckerberg as the lead agent on the program – is equal parts hilarious and alarming.

While making fun of Facebook users’ willingness to divulge personal email addresses, photos of themselves, religious and political views, “where I’ve been” maps, and birth dates, the Onion jokingly reports the government agency as saying, “It’s truly a dream come true for the CIA” and it’s “the reason we invented the Internet.”

As the “single most powerful tool for population control,” the CIA’s “Facebook program” has dramatically reduced the agency’s costs — at least according to the latest “report” from the satirical mag The Onion.

Perhaps inspired by a recent interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who called Facebook “the most appalling spy machine that has ever been invented,” The Onion‘s video fires a number of arrows in Facebook’s direction — with hilarious results.

In the video, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is dubbed “The Overlord” and is shown receiving a “medal of intelligence commendation” for his work with the CIA’s Facebook program.

The Onion also takes a jab at FarmVille (which is responsible for “pacifying” as much as 85 million people after unemployment rates rose), Twitter (which is called useless as far as data gathering goes), and Foursquare (which is said to have been created by Al Qaeda).


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