Best Music Apps for Android for 2018



 Google Play Music All Access

Best for music collectors

Google Play Music lets users stream music from its 30-million-strong library, which includes new releases and classic hits. It also works as a music locker, where you can store and stream your entire music library (up to 50,000 songs).



    • Free

      Spotify (Android)

      Best for social sharing

      Despite increasing competition, Spotify is still the top of the pack for streaming music. It features a fresh, clean design that goes beyond streaming music with videos, podcasts and extra features.


    • Free

      Apple Music (Android)

      Best for streaming radio

      Apple Music has a surprising, refreshing reliance on real people, from the music editors whose entire job is to create playlists and pick out music for you in the app, to the live DJs on Beats 1, the 24/7 radio station integrated into the app.



    • Free

      TIDAL (Android)

      Best for audiophiles

      Launched by hip-hop mogul Jay Z, Tidal is a newcomer streaming service focusing on high-fidelity music and HD music videos. It also promises superior sound quality thanks to high-fidelity streaming like you would get on CDs and other physical media f…

Napster (Android)

Best for newcomers

Napster has been resurrected as the new name for Rhapsody’s music-streaming service, although not much as changed in this simplistic app for music discovery.


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